Greetings english speaking reader,

Since the beginning of this year Oliver (the author) and Me (the illustrator) are working tirelessly on making this webcomic, located in Hildesheim, Germany. Up until now the comic was exclusively available in german, but the web is big and we want to make NiGuNeGu available to as many readers as possible. We hope you're gonna have fun with what we called "the bromantic comedy comic". The story revolves around a single Nerd, and later a Nice Guy too, who both have their own unique issues with the prettier sex. Read now at Alle Kapitel > Chapter 1: A Nerd and Love.


For more news and magnificent fanart from magnificent people, check out our Facebook Page. Don't hesitate to post there and let us now what you think about, and expect from the bromantic comedy comic "NiGuNeGu". I am going to update the english section of our page from now on every Wednesday, so keep an eye out.

Have fun with the first pages of NiGuNeGu in english and see you next week,